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I think we all agree that there are not much animals to hunt in Don't starve. I once tried to be a hunter: a few days were enough to starve to death... This is why I am going to give you suggestions about animals that could be added later in the game, after Don't Starve Together.

Pig/wild boar : It would spawn randomly, unlike beefaloes, they would be infinitely spawning around the player (far enough so he has to look for them for about 2 minutes). This way, there will be an infinite food source for hunters, they would loot only one meat to balance the fact that he is common.

Wolf : It would spawn as pigs or wild boars but would be quite rare, they could be tamed using a very rare item (such as a bone) that would be found in graves for example. When tamed, they would help the player to find animals and would defend the player when he gets hit or that he hits someone. He would loot 2 large meets.

Chicken : Same as pigs/wild boars and wolves regarding the spawning. However they would be very rare, indeed, they would drop a small egg (new item) every day which would gives 10 points of hunger when cook and ate. They would loot chicken meat (new item) which gives 30 points of hunger.

If you have other ideas to improve hunting, don't hesitate to post them below. (Please be constructive in your message).



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