Review w/ A LOT of feedback and suggestions. (Long)

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So, I played the demo then did some research on what this game could and will be so I purchased it.

With the early access copy, my first time through I made it to Day: 37 (due to the lag I mention.) I thought it was good for my first try.

I'm sure I'll think of more things to put in here as time continues. This was only my first time playing and this is what I thought of. I'll edit this when I think of more.

I update this all of the time so keep an eye on this if you like what I've put down.


Note: I'm sure a lot of these have been mentioned or already planned to be done.

[*]A menu with access to options for stuff like sound, enable and disable full-screen and even to lower certain settings for people like myself who either don't or barley pass the system requirements. A help menu even.

[*]Able to carry over your saved game onto another device.

[*]More items (which I'm sure will happen.) Weapons and more armor. A bow an arrow and possibly combine it with fire for a flaming arrow, wilderness dagger, spears, ect. There's a lot of things you could make in the wilderness.

[*]Raise the durability of tools or lower how many times it takes to achieve your situation.

Example: The little tree takes five swings with an ax, the medium takes ten and the large takes fifteen I believe. If not make them less, then maybe do something like out of 15 swings on a large tree, use luck and chance to either cut it down between 1-15 swings. But keep the limit at 15 as originally set. So if you don't reach it before 15, you will at 15.

[*]A mini map where the map(tab) icon is and when you click on it, it'll take you to the large scale map.

[*]A compass.

[*]It could be just me but fix how the spiders attack in swarms. How I died was about 13 spiders at once came at me and I couldn't move. Even with the armor and eating food, it's impossible if they all swarm you and you basically die in just a few hits from a swarm.

[*]Use the shovel to dig up tree stumps and maybe to dig in certain terrain for flint, new items, ect.


[*]If Co-op happens; To be able to continue from where you guys left off from a fancy save format or a join a session in progress.

[*]1-3 saved game slots. With the original saving time at the end of the night.

[*]If your character carries a map, why not be able to mark locations on your map?

[*]More of a wardrobe.


[*]Up the amount smaller foods replenishes your hunger only a tad bit.

[*]Tips that pop up for new people who start playing.

[*]Skin certain creatures and use their skin and or fur for stuff like clothing, armor, ect.

[*]A bag that you can create and put in an inventory slot that opens up to 1-6 more slots. Maybe three seems more reasonable.

[*]A buff to the chest. I would assume that a chest could hold more than a person could carry.

[*]A rally point. Some sort of way to get from point A to B faster. The wilderness is huge if you actually explore everything.

[*]Sprinting for a very, very short period of time.

[*]More creatures that can follow you around and lend you a hand and to be able to equip them with items. Give them some food if they're hungry or their health is low (give them a health bar), a weapon or some armor so they can be a warrior or a fancy dresser.

[*]An arrow on the left side of the screen that brings out the bar with all of the fancy things you could make so they screen isn't too cluttered. By clicking the arrow, you can bring the bar in or back out. Or you could just leave it how it is if it doesn't bother the player. If not, the icons and borders could be a bit smaller.

[*]A boat. I noticed that on the map set up that I'm on, it takes about a full day and night to get to where the whole other side of the map is. Over there is like a fresh new start. Basically you're traveling around water. So why not ride there on a boat? Grab some boards and lets go!

[*]Make the water look more like water.

[*]Wolves or Werewolves with a twist would be neat. Even to have one as a pet. Speaking of pets..

[*]Pets. You're out in the wild and you find a nice animal. Lets say a wolf. Well, you tame them and take them along. They're sturdy and durable but not Godly and unstoppable.

[*]Poisons and potions. There could be a whole bunch of stuff you can find laying around the wilderness to create these things.

[*]Commands. Example: Does it bother you when your Pig Men get in the way of picking up objects, run off when it gets dark or follows you when you don't want them to? Well give them commands like Stay, Follow, Call, Cut Trees, ect.

[*]Select where you want to build thing so everything isn't so messy and unorganized. Everything besides a fire (in case the darkness catches you and you need a quick fire.

[*]Stats. It seems as if the game progresses through time, things will become harder. Example; fighting a horde of spiders can take a toll on your character. I myself went to fight a few spider nests and I've noticed that when they swarm you, your wood armor doesn't last then you have to go create another one for the next nest. Increasing the durability or reducing the damage you take would be wonderful.

Dislikes & Problems.

[*]I'm not really to fond of the fact that I can have around 7 Pig Men with me but the spider swarms of the night can take out Pig Men. They aren't just pigs, they're walking, pants wearing, tree punching beasts. I would imagine that they would help out a lot better. And when the game advances, I'm sure there will be way harder creatures thus the Pig Men might not be able to handle the thunder.

[*] I feel as if the map is too cluttered. I mean, when you go exploring, there are wide open areas depending on your setup which in my mind I think that in the future things will be placed there. But with the forests, trees, trees and more trees. I know a forest has a lot of trees but well, there's A LOT of trees. Maybe taking a few out here and there, having stumps vanish after a short period of time or even be able to use the shovel to remove them, and just to make it seem like there's at least some room. Also reducing getting stuck between trees.

[*]Some locations on the map look all trashy. Like items and objects were just randomly placed.

[*When I go into the forest, my game starts to lag or slows down. Basically if one whole day took 15 minutes to get through, it would take about 20-25 minutes if I was in the forest. I believe the in game reason is the mass amount of trees that are swaying back and forth which is more action happening in that area.

[*It would be great to be able to carry your current state over onto different devices.

[*]Stuff like grass, flint and even tentacles are located on the edge of the water. Out of reach.

[*]When I have a lot of pigs with me and we're all cutting down trees together, the sound of wood-cutting stops at times.

[*]Sometimes when I try to feed my character food, they don't eat it unless I move them again and then eat.


[*]I read on another thread that the creators want you to have a sense of loneliness so a lot of the things that are being suggested with the Pig Men would be iffy. Now doesn't this contradict what was stated? If a sense of loneliness is burdened to you, why can you build a Pig House and basically have a Pig Man follow you and help you out if you feed them? You're basically allowed to build something that provides you with company and help. Pet like.

I really enjoy the style of the game. From what you have to do to how everything looks. It's a simple yet fun game. It's actually a great time passer. Kind of addicting currently and I'm excited to see what comes up next for this game.

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