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texture atlas or whatever its called

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How to get this parameters in xml files for tex?

i am talking about things like

<Element name="mactusk.tex" u1="0.250244140625" u2="0.312255859375" v1="0.62548828125" v2="0.74951171875" />

how to calculate this u1, u2, v1, v2?


for example i made 1 png file with few image parts on it, what step is next? Already tired to create pairs of tex and xml files for every new image.

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cool thx

but wait, i have to calculate this values manually?

Yes, but in almost every case what you want is (0, 0) as the bottom left corner and (1, 1) as the top right corner.

so actually its a rectangle with lower left corner as (x1/width,y1/height) and right upper as (x2/width,y2/height) ?

am i right?


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