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Mod request: semiauto/automatic tree planting

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Hey all,


I just want to throw in a request for a mod here - it's probably something that has been on peoples minds already and I don't know if it's technically feasible to create or not, but I figure its worth asking...


I love don't starve, but if there is anything that reduces my enjoyment it is the purely tedious parts. Planting is one such thing and that has a lot to do with the problem where it unequips seeds/pinecones when you "miss" even sometimes when the outline is green (but not saying "plant"). This makes it frustrating to plant anything, and trees in particular which you HAVE to keep planting over and over again basically (since they don't regrow on their own). I'd really like to have an easier or automatic way to plant stuff, but especially trees since those are the only ones you have to do again and again unlike berry bushes for example.


Some ideas/suggestions:


- I think the optimal thing would be to have a button you could push and then be able to mark an area for tree-planting, then your character does the rest automatically until the area has no more room for trees or you run out of pinecones. Move to cancel the procedure. If you can't make a "mark area" function, then perhaps just have some algorithm that find the closest spot near the player that has room for another tree and then go there and plant - then repeat until player moves or you run out of pinecones.


- Maybe a simpler/dumber version would just be a script that moves x units down and plants, then moves x units down again and plants ect. ect. Making a line of trees as long as the area is open. This would be the most basic sort of "dumb automation" but even this would surely beat having to manually place each pinecone.


Those are just some brainstorm ideas on how it might be accomplished, but I'm sure a smart coder could come up with something even better. Any sort of semi-automation of this process would help relieve a lot of the tedium from the game for me at least.


I hope someone will consider taking the time to make something like this. I'm not very familiar in the scripting this game uses and I am not confident enough to make something from scratch, but I know enough to edit/tweak existing code and I'd volunteer to be a betatester/quality-assurance guy to make sure that everything works smoothly :)



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