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Okay, I've been talking about this update for my Wilford Warfstache mod for a long time, referring to it as "Don't Find Me".  This topic is to reveal what it ACTUALLY is.  This is NOT just an update that will add Slenderman to follow around my mod's character.  In fact, it's more of a separate mod than an update (even though it goes hand in hand with my other mod).


This mod is going to add a version of Slender: The Eight Pages / Slender: The Arrival to Don't Starve.  It will consist of The Eight Pages and a fully functioning Slenderman as well as several other levels (it will play out like Adventure Mode).  These levels will feature a custom storyline and custom content (with some re-occurring Slender content).


This is still relatively early in development (been working on it for a long time, but there is SO much content), but I am going to announce that there will be a (probably public) beta for this mod.  It'll work like this:




Stage 1: The Eight Pages

The first stage will have the level The Eight Pages in it.  This level takes to the original Eight Pages and the Arrival Eight Pages for inspiration.  The level will probably have a fair share of bugs, but that's why I need testers.  This will be very early in development so you won't be getting a nearly full experience.


Stage 2: The Abyss

This update will contain the second level in the series.  This level will have its bugs, but hopefully the ones in the first level will be mostly solved.  It still won't be the most complete experience.


Stage 3: The Ark

This stage will contain all three levels in the series.  By this time (far in the future), the bugs in the first level should have been squashed by now but the bugs in this and the previous levels may still exist.


Stage 4: Post-Pages

This will be the final stage for the beta.  It will crush any other bugs and it will add everything you get from doing the sequence of levels.  By this time I should be almost ready for full release.




After the beta is complete, I'll move on to releasing it fully.  It will be released both as a part of my Wilford Warfstache mod and also as a completely separate mod.


Hopefully people will look forward to the release of this mod, and I will release more info when I am ready.  Again, this mod is still in development, so it won't be out for a long time.

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