Rant ahead warning ---- {About Multiplayer}

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The game is great i want to talk about "multiplayer" is something they didn't plan for they were right when they said we are going to give the best single player experience the code is not something easily worked on

it would take them at least 3 or 4 months to right it just for it to be ok and for it have the minimal of things working minecraft was something that had multiplayer it was building and creativeness and if you look at don't stave it was built for single player rogue-like not multiplayer because limited world there i said it the world isn't infinite its small first thing is it wouldn't be as enjoyable i could be a waste of resources and 2 people think ... what happens when one dies do they come back or just die and wait for the other to die this would make the game terrible in aspects because it doesn't just bring people back it would ruin some fun that's in the game people have made a mod for co-op and it works but when the host die the games done and when the other dies you can respawn him its not fair game if that happens think before you say multiplayer would be great when it wouldn't think of how would they do this with out compromising something make a world infinte then were is the survival ok we can walk and keep eating berries yay it wouldn't be as fun minecraft is fun because you can build don't starve not so much more rogue-like sure there are some rogue likes that are multiplayer like PoE and it works but you don't have to share limited resourses 

im so sorry about the rant but i just wanted to say somthing :wickerbottomthanks:  :nomultipl:

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