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The Story in rhymes :D

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The dark backstage. In the dressing room the scary demonic casket opens and the song starts:


         Oooooh, my dear publiiic!

         I’m furious with teeeears –

         Ooh,  this poor Wilsooon –

         He is singing with his feeeeears!


         Aaaaaand, I don’t remembeeer,

         The time I used to sleeep,

         I am preparing, oh, deaar,

         An interesting play to reeead!


         As shadows raise o’er nights

         Towards their heaven and heeell

         I make my transworld fliiights –

         I am Maxwell – let the name yeeeeeeeeeeell!!!


The music ends with the sounds of hissing. The casket closes. 



P.S. This is a prelude actually. If I will be able to cope with English and the plot - I will write some more though if anybody really cares of this :D. I guarantee that when you will understand what is the idea, what is going on - you will certainly be amazed! However, I am a russian dumbass so that it will take some time to translate from rus. to eng. but please be patient( again if anybody cares ). This prelude is a song and when you are reading it, try to sing a bit, only abit, imagine, that you are in the 1910th, the century of gentleman and good classical music, try to hear the glorious sounds of pipes and Maxwell's voice( yes, it is Maxwell who sings ). I wish everyone happiness and good mood, though there is something wrong with this jolly song...

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