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New Creature - Unknown? Not on Wiki

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Basically about the day after the ROG DLC came out to be brought, I was playing as Wigfrid on a standard ROG world with no mods on.


I was hunting the Koalefant because I wanted to do some exploring and obviously needed food for Wigfrid, and I ended up finding it on full moon, in a graveyard, except it was completely different and kept spawning hounds. I didnt manage to see its name because I ended up spending about 2 full days running away from it trying to stay alive haha.


I ended up surviving, but didn't manage to kill it. I'd been trying not to use the wiki, because I wanted everything to be a surprise to me to make the experience more enjoyable, but I couldn't help it, and tried searching for it, unable to find anything. 


I just checked the details on the screenshot and it says I took it on April the 3rd, so its almost been a month now, and I just tried searching for it on the wiki again and still can't find anything.


So I guess I'm sharing it with everyone :-)

Here's the screenshot, its not very good but to be honest I didn't realise it was gonna be so rare, so I wasn't trying to make it look good.



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