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Mod Suggestion: Lodger, the Insomniac

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I've seen many modded characters be added into the Don't Starve world, but a character that I think would fit perfectly into Don't Starve would be the Lodger, from Knock Knock (a rather underrated game). One of his quirks might be that he can create his own time-speeding clock from boards, nightmare fuel, and gears. The clock would be a structure that'd allow you to fiddle with time, skipping night to day, skipping day to dusk, and skipping dusk to night. It will need to recharge for a whole day after skipping a whole day cycle (day,dusk,night). Two of his other quirks would be that he's insomniac (I know, like Wickerbottom) and he has low insanity and hallucinations of his own (which would be the guests from Knock Knock). Who agrees with me that this sounds like a good idea?

Lodger: The Insomniac


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he has low insanity and hallucinations of his own (which would be the guests from Knock Knock).


 You know what? I got a better idea! How about Lodger always starts with his diary. This diary has durability, and will gradually deteriorate until reaching 0%, and when the all of the diary's pages are filled up, Lodger  will die. The diary will last for 70 days (A whole Don't Starve year, in Reign of Giants standards), but you can increase it's lifespan by adding papyrus, which will add 5 days of life. Just for fun though, you can even look through the diary and write memos (or maybe it cramps the diary's durability?). One thing I forgot to say is that when you speed up time with your clock (which has infinite durability, but'll need to recharge after a full day), there is no black screen transition, and the time-speed will not affect your sanity, health, and hunger. Sounds better?

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