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Absolutely no mods working at all.

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I apologize for such a stupid thing, but, no matter what (Up to date, yes.) mods I use, their portraits appear black (Which is something that I know has to do with dimensions, which I can't figure out how to fix due to no portrait files being able to turn back into a image file after they've been converted to the proper format, which is a fault with my computer, I know.) and when I attempt to load a world with any modded character or any mod installed (I've tried many many ones with no recently reported problems that just fail to load for me) the game goes through the generating process, then stops at the black screen, it never goes any further, yet it still appears to be loading, i've waiting over an hour to see if it's just slow, and it never progresses, but never errors either. When using another, non-modded character, the world will generate just fine, though it takes a bit longer than usual, I have a terrible old computer, is there any way to fix this, or is it just my computer being unable to properly load mods?

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