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The Journal of Melial, the Confessor

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This is going to be a day by day journal from Let's Starve OC Melial. He is a Clergymen, more or less, who attempted to exorcise Wendy of her sister's spirit. Instead he was brought along with her (or them I suppose) to the realm of Maxwell, where he will attempt to survive and search for his charge. There will be one entry per day, every day, for a period of 15 days. In that time I hope create an endearing narrative to serve as inspiration for my current literary endeavours beyond this forum. Please do not post until I eventually give the okay for feedback, criticisms and the like.


Thank you kindly and please enjoy,


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Day 1; Time, Midday; Location Unknown,


I woke today in a strange land with no sign of the child. I fear that in my haste to rid her of the revenant that was once her sister and subsequently my previous failings within The Order, that I attracted the demonic entity that seems to have brought me here. I fear that the child, Wendy, if I can recall her name aright may have also been brought to this to this strange, nay, foreboding Otherworld. I am, in some perverse way, thankful that my bible has been stripped of all its internal scriptures. I know not what unruly taint might have afflicted the pages and removed their Divine Writ, but I am glad to have been left with the cover still-pristine. In addition it seems I was given a crimson feather and a well of ink, so that I might record my train of thought. A curious thing, but helpful, as it brings focus to my mind and lessens the worry I feel deep within my heart. The sun appears to be at its peak however, so now, I must go and search for the child. If I am lucky she may nearby, though I have a grave suspicion that this is not a place where the most fortunate of souls are like to be found.


Deus misereatur,





Day 1; Time, Unknown; The campfire,


No sign of the child, nor are there any other lights to be seen within this all-encompassing veil of shadow. I would have searched for her long into the night were it not for the noises I began to hear as it pressed in around me. I was lucky to have found an axe earlier in my travels. It lay buried at the foot of a small tombstone, one that disturbingly bore my own name. I fear now that the demon's malice has turned itself upon me, though the fire seems to keep the ghastly things of this strange night at bay. There are still many sounds that I cannot account for however, beyond the crackling twigs and ember. It seems that I will not be having much rest tonight nor any night in the indefinite future.

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