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This game is great and I am really enjoying it so far. On my first play through I got to day 3 and things were going well, until a tree chased me. So I made like a tree and got out of there. It chased me across the map so I thought "Well I have to fight, its not giving up." It killed me....

On my second play through I got to the night of day 6. I was at my camp nice and cosy when I starting hearing this terrifying roaring sound. It got louder and closer and I started pissing myself as I clung to my little spear. At dawn I thought I would be safe but that was when the two hounds attacked. I attacked wildly and won but I lost a lot of health. So I cooked the meat I got from them and ate it......the meat killed me xD.

So what have I learnt so far? **** nature and don't eat strange meat.

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Well, those things happens whenever you play Don't starve xD I get killed by a tentacle on swamps first time (I've died like 9 times in 3 days... I'm too impulssive and try to kill everything xD)

Well, all you can learn from that experiences:

1- Wear ALWAYS a log suit

2- Try to wear a football cap (Not really needed, but helps)

3- It's the point of the game :p If you got attacked by hounds or a tree... Try to survive them other ways (With hounds, you can run up to a beefalo, and if them bark near him, he'll kill them, you can also dodge and hit -they die really fast-)

4- Don't eat monster meat, if the monsters kill you, the meat does it also xD

5- Have fun playing, you'll unlock new chars whenever you die, and it's cool, you'll also have your research points and discoveries :p so don't worry ^^

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