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[Crash] When entering caves - "not enough memory" x6 in logs

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orochi235    0

I was playing as Maxwell recently with RoG enabled, and upon entering a cave (the first I'd entered in this world), the game hung on a black screen for about ten seconds and then crashed. Starting the game again and trying to load that save file causes the game to crash again.


My log has a bunch of "not enough memory" errors at the end of it, as well as something about being unable to load the "cactusflower" prefab. I'm attaching the log, my settings and my dxdiag.


Also, I tried to cheat my way out of death by alt-f4'ing, and when I loaded the game again, all of my save files were gone. Is this a bug or a particularly harsh anti-cheat measure? (If it's the latter, it worked. I won't be doing that again.)




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