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Mark of the Ninja TF2 DLC

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Many fans of the TF2 community where excited to see a new game coming, with a promotional poster ( of Mark of the Ninja with the Heavy, Demoman, and the Spy, many fans where speculating promo items, but the rumors later died down when the game was released and no promotional items where annouced, now what IF in the future their is a DLC of Mark of the Ninja featuring the TF2 classes as enemies, Non-Canon possibly, for example the Ninja is trying to steal the intelligence/flag from the mercenaries (maybe from the BLUs, REDs, or maybe even both teams), and on a TF2 map, maybe 2Fort, and also each class/enemy has something special, like the Spy's invisibility, the Engie's sentry guns, Pyro's ability to burn the Ninja, or Medic's ability to heal enemy teammates, this is just an example on what could possibly make Mark of the Ninja fun in my opinion, i hope i get to hear your ideas on this possiblity 

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