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I can understand why the sea is just an impassable border at the moment, however, that does feel a little odd in a survival game.For me, it would make sense that the sea was a potential source of plentiful food, but had real dangers associated with it. So, if you lingered by the shore with a fishing rod, you might catch some small fish with a rod or spear, but would risk getting attacked by tentacles, giant crabs and other monsters.To minimise risk, you could perhaps craft a lobster pot or fish trap.Later in the game, you could craft a coracle or similar boat, and use it for either travelling between biomes, getting to new islands (that are tantalisingly out of reach early on in the game), or, if you have a deathwish, trying to fight (or catch!) sea monsters. The game could still restrict your travel by having the water get too rough the further out to sea you go.A cooler alternative to crafting a boat would be to hitch a ride on a turtle and use a rope harness to steer it :).The spear fishing mini-game in the Lost in Blue series was good fun in my opinion./\dam

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