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Would it be possible if there could be a progressive research system that requires the player to insert objects into the research machine and then it opens up the new objects that can be created? For example, if a player puts in a stick, then it shows everything that can be made with a stick but the player cannot create the object until they put the other object into the research machine. To be able to make a torch, the player will first need to research the stick and cut grass. this way, it is more of an actual research machine instead of just a point system.

Also, could there be certain research items specifically designed for the individual characters? The scientist would be able to make potions with different items and pond water and the fire starter will be able to create more items like a fire place and have specific weapons that deal more with fire and so on.

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These are good points. I think that storage upgrades should be available for research as well for larger chests. Additionally, characters that are more "brawny" should have more innate inventory slots and "brainy" characters should have the ability to craft backpacks with more storage space. Adding more useable character specific traits will provide incentive for using one character over the other during game play.

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