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[Question] Can't Require Priority Queue...?

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Hey guys,


Really simple question today! For a project, I want to use lua's inbuilt PriorityQueue - so of course I write a good 'ol require seen below

require "loop.collection.PriorityQueue"

Unfortunately, I get an error message telling me that the module could not be found. Is this because this library is not available to us? Or is my require call wrong? A swift answer would be super cool! Thanks :D




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As @squeek pointed out, this is part of LOOP, not core Lua. Since LOOP is a pure Lua library (actually, a set of libraries), you may include it (or part of it) in your mod, however this will certainly bloat its size.

It would be nice if Don't Starve included some Lua libraries, but it does not, except for a Windows-only* LuaSocket.

* Which is silly. LuaSocket is absolutely cross-platform, and was originally developed under Linux. I can't get why DS doesn't offer it for every platform.

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