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Trade a coppy to me for oder game


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Sry dislexiq.I don't have a credit card so i can not buy the game. so i want to try this100% legit on my side and I hope you can do the same."Dev's normaly like games to so mabe you can help me?"Any one here wans to trade Don't Starve for 1 of theas game:as Steam Gif:Serious sam The random encounter, (This is the Indie game not the real wan)Limbo,Torchlight,Natural Selection 2,Europa Universalis III,Sony beta key:PlanetSide 2 Close Beta KeyI any wane wans to trade Don't starve for 1 of thees game plz contact meor post someting here what game u want and how you want to do it.Plz do not just send me a code of the game first talk than code's.Thank youSkype: PM me to get skype name (allready trade'd)

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not having skype name publick
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