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[ideas]pigmen got village,what for merm?maybe a quay

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[ideas]pigmen got village,what for merm?maybe a quay


this post is for a new gameplay feature in game.


i mean, merms may have something fun.


a small quay/port on the shore for merm.


and players may collect some ship/boat wreck pieces, and craft a small boat at the quay.


and a quay is guard by some merms. players need to fight to use the quay.


and, we all know the default survival map of don't starve may generate some small island.


add some merm quay to the shore of the main continent, and the outskirt islands.


and, players would not have to travel to the islands using wormhole, they may use quay and boats!


and, e.g. in summer, if player goes to islands using boats at the quay, they may got ambushed by some random merms underwater, or just some fish meat jump into the boat from the sea, as food, of course!


and in winter, may some floating small iceberg around the sea water route between 2 quays for boat. and the small icebergs got something interesting/terror things sealed inside, the play may use some distant effect item to push away/destroy the iceberg, to clear the sea water route and safely go to the islands.


and even more interesting gameplay around the sea and the islands.


e.g. new creatures, sharksman as pirates, ghost ships and treasure boxes, some special plants / food / fruits, only go wild on small islands, and players can get some seeds back to main continent, to do some farm as food supply/crafting materials. what do you think?


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