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Animal and tree ideas

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If we now have birchnut trees, I personally really liked both the birchtree and decudous treeeas. So could we have both of them in the game? Just make them look a bit different, for example may be the decudous tree would look the same in terms of leaves but would have the same stem (or whatever you call it) as the evergreens, so you could see the difference without having to examine them!

Animals: there is a load of heck of ideas me and some other people have come up with. Hedgehog: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/32893-plz-add-this-its-a-good-idea/

Fox: An animal that would be a bit like the catcoon but would be faster, spawn from something else and would defaultly be in the woods (like defaultly catcoons spaw points were in decudous/birch forest).

Squirrel: without both birchtrees and decudous trees this animal is not implementable. May be you can think of something better as to add for a squirrel like something like squirrel beever (which would in that case chop down trees every so often)... But anyway this animal could climb trees and would eat seeds, chessnuts and birchnuts (which I still think should give 1 for a teen birchtree and 2 for a grown birchtree).

Rabbits: okay you might wonder what this is about. The fact that rabbits don't pick up carrots from thw ground is weird. I'd really like this to be changed.

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