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Guest Dandytard

Well, What I'll be doing here is constantly update with long-thought of ideas that will either improve or add interesting objects and helpful items to the game. Currently, I'll add the ideas I posted on other topics, since they might not be noticed.

The Loghouse

Well, I had some thoughts last night over the whole 'Season\Weather' both being added possibly. Yet shelter was denied. Well, In my opinion, You can make a house and still be unsafe.. After all, The door is only made of wood?

What I was thinking is that:

1. Why should we keep throwing stuff on the ground like a child throws his toys?

2. How's Wilson supposed to survive a rainy night, It would surely affect his fire?

3. Winter, and the mere coldness. He would really need a shelter in that situation.

The answer would be- A loghouse. Small enough to fit two chests, Maybe a bed like object,

and an object also on my mind. 'The furnace'. Since you can't lit bonfire indoors, This would be just

as fine. Probably a few decorative-like items can fit inside the house I guess, But I wouldn't exactly use

the furnace for cooking.( Could be a fireplace instead. That sounds more homey. )

Now, The big part about people 'hiding' in homes. If you think about it, It could be both an advantage and disadvantage.

As I said, The door to the house can be open, time variable on the mob attacking it(Stronger mob takes less time). But then- You have no where to run, unlike when you sleep outside, Which means you have to face the foe head on.. or attempt to run with what little hp you'll have left.( Presumably if it's night, there's not alot of chance of survival if you're not ready)

Now, If winter has some sort of coldness affect on our little hero, Then he'll need to stay warm by the fires. The fire would deplete faster in snowy areas and when it's raining, Therfore house proves the most effective.

The Biomes

Now, On a different note, I also pondered about the possibility of different biomes. Whenever you make a new 'map' , There's a chance you'll get an additional island, Either an artic-like place, or a desert, each with their own unique items and creatures. For the desert, I'd assume there's either some sort of poisonus snake-like creature, or a scorpion. Possibly when struck by them, 5 health per 2 second is lost due to poison. Kill them and you receive a poison substance which can be used in the future updates for a weapon of some sort. I haven't thought too much on it, But I'm sure there would be some biome effects which poke our character, The desert perhaps, being hot and sandy and what not, makes the hero get hungry faster.( Since he doesn't drink ) The Artic biome would possibly have a fluffy creature who's wool could be used to create earmuffs, Or some other item which will improve your warmth in the winter time.

The cave addon + item

How about bat-like creatures? They'd have the same function as birds. The bait for the trap would be berries, Although it would be interesting to add some firefly's in the caves too.( Which could be used for bait aswell) The firefly's would light certain areas of the cave, then shift to a different location. If you're out of light, You can try stick with them and try reach the exit. Maybe the bats also drop some sort of skin, Which when combined with a few rocks creates rollerskates. Replaces the backpack slot, But gives increased speed. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets carried away when doing something and has to rush back to the camp, barely getting there before dark.

- I already posted twice about my opinion on multiplayer, That it's starting to be annoying. However, I feel it necessary for me to place it here, as it counts as an idea. ( And promise not to bring it up again. :) )

The Coop

Well, Multiplayer. Many people say no, That it'll ruin the game. Tell me, What will a person do after they've achieved the maximum from the game? All the researched things? The way you can make the game interesting is with CONSTANT updates per week, adding new stuff. But you CAN'T do that forever, I'd say, right? Then you should add a coop experience to the game. There isn't a whole lot to tweak, for two persons to be in the same world. After all, Most of the basic stuff is present(The way a character reacts to the world and likewise). My opinion is that there's plentiful of people who'd love to play this marvelously made game with a friend, cousin, or a brother. I know that it might be hard since I've heard there's about 4 persons or such as developers here, But you have to think like a player. 'Why would I play this after I gather most of resources or get bored?'. Either you'll have to do non-stop updates, coming up with new stuff, And I'm sure things will get in the way to stop you in doing so. A multiplayer experience, Hm, Should be a coop survival, Simple as that. Connected via direct ip or such, keep it simple, two players. (I'm not saying you should add multiplayer right NOW, I'm thinking you should add it before releasing the official game) So, No 'modes', Deathmatch or such. It is up to the people to tailor the way they'll play. Now, People are talking about 'griefing, burning trees' and such. This is why I strictly said 2 players only, via a direct ip. ( At least until you can figure out how the multiplayer would work). This would ensure that two persons who know each other would like to play together. I don't mean to be rude, insistent, or a smart-alec who's sitting here, expecting you to do as I please since I don't have to do anything nor even know how to. Still, If you wish to expand the life limit of this wonderful game, I think you should consider multiplayer option.

That is what I have so far, But will continue to update the list and hopefully cover all parts of the stuff I think of. ( So that I have an explanation on how they work, What they're for, Where they can be found, Etc )

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