A challenge that keeps getting harder. Portals

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Once you get set up with your meat figure's and pig village the game loses much of fits earlier challenge. So i'm proposing we add under the magic section 3 different portals.

On the basic world you can only make one, because the other ones require ingredients from the other worlds. It would transport you to a similar world, except night is longer then before and there are a abundance of enemy's. Along with the bad there will be new biomes where you get materials to make the next portal.

When you go threw that portal night will be even longer, there will be less food, and enemy's are harder. But there are more biomes where you can get the materials for the last portal.

This transports you to a hell dimension where hell hounds are frequent, food is almost nonexistent, and Maxwell the demon lives there. Maxwell is the endgame boss that you have to kill. If you die in the dimensions you respawn in whatever meat effigy is in the closest no matter the dimension.

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