Suggestion: New Shadow Creature

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Tried posting a bit ago, but it didn't post so going to make this shorter...


Short version: Woke up one day, saw a giant black spider. Looked closer and it turned out to be a black ball of swirling squiggles. Few more times over couple months I saw it again, eventually I stared at it closer and realized it was a swirling ball of letters. Decided to google "hallucination of spider" and found out i'm not the only one that has seen this thing when waking up. The other people even describe its other forms (spider, swiling ball of tentacles/squiggles, and swirling ball of letters.)


I figure this would make a good shadow creature, perhaps give it a very powerful insanity aura, and as the players sanity drains, it takes on different forms, gaining new abilities/attack patterns.

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