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Overheating/Wetness Vs De/hydration

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It seems that these mechanics could be combined into one. The trick would be finding the balance, ie. have enough water to stay cool, stay dry enough to stay warm.

The concept of slipperiness, while novel, doesn't add much imo. A mechanic that nerfs tools when it rains seems like it would have the same effect.

What do you guys think?

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I think the implementation of tools slipping is very unique. It adds more 'realism' to the game.

What would make it more interesting would be that, when say an axe or hammer slips it causes small damage to health.

But obviously we have to have the soak mechanic ironed out first so we know how to counter wet objects more effectively than we know now.

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*ahem* Crit from Borderlands 2 *ahem*


And the thing with health damage, irl sometimes it hits you, sometimes not. So there should be like a 50-50 chance to get health damage. (And maybe a 1% chance to decapitate yourself with a wet axe while attempting to cut a tree) 

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