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[Character Mod] - Ask for guidance/help

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Hello guys, I`m new on this modding thing, and spend the last week reading the tutorials from here, some tutorials of lua code on the youtube, but i`m kinda stuck here.


I want to create a character with very specifics details, and i don`t find how to do it anywhere, so cutting the bullshit:

Kitty, The Cat:

- Is a cat, can`t use any tools, like axe, shovel, etc. He has claws (I think the best way to do this is creating a claw item that he can`t unequipe ever, so i can create a bunch of claws upgrades.)


- When low sanity he starts to spits hairballs at random (I want to make he stops for 1 or 2 seconds and the player can`t control him while he spits - so this make the caring for your sanity more important, especially around agressive monsters). Also I wanna to make that hairballs a collectible item so he can make stuff with it (did not decide what so far).

- Like a good cat he can sleep anywhere at anytime, as long he don`t have any monsters around him, and of course, when he does that he will get some hunger penalitys when he wakes.

- He is cute, so bunnys are not afraid of him (good way to get some food)

- I wanna add another character, like some kind of NPC that gives you "quest" to collect itens, and when you complete all his quests you unlock him to play aswell. (don`t wanna give any spoilers, but it will reveal why Kitty is the last cat in Don`t Starve world.




I`ve never created a mod, or do anything similar, so the more didatic you`re the better, remember this, im dumb. Also my english is nhe, but i hope you understand me. And if someone is willing to become my guide, my tutor i would love that.

Thank you!

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