Why Mark of the Ninja is the best 21st Century stealth game so far (REVIEW)


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Mark of the Ninja... what can I say that already hasn't been said? Mark of the Ninja is probably one of the greatest ever of your (Klei's) games ever. It takes stealth elements from the greatest like Metal Gear Solid, along with the brutal kills of games like Gears of War and other shooters.




The levels are great, and they show that. With a mix of difficulty and fun, this game provides some GREAT levels and just doesn't stop.




The gameplay is great. The amazing stealth mechanics. The brutal kills. Not to mention Dosan's Tale, which I actually enjoyed. Mark of the Ninja provides a amazing experience.




The game looks great. The Ninja's motion's are fluid, compared to the guard's clunky and stiff movements. The enviroments look great, with the perfect mix of background and foreground.


OVERALL: 10/10


This game rivals Metal Gear with it's fantastic stealth mechanics. Good job Klei!!!!


Mark of the Ninja will last in my heart, and many others, as the greatest stealth game of this century. If you ever get the chance Klei, be sure to make that MotN2! Hope everyone enjoyed! TheMarkedNinja4575, SIGNING OFF!!!!


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Mark of the Ninja, IS better than every metal gear solid game ever made. The first metal gear was the only decent one, But you are right about it being one of the best stealth games this century. The new Hitman game sucked and so did the new splinter cell, Deus Ex: HR was a great stealth game though.

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