Mark of the Ninja, My Favourite 2D Stealth Game!


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Hi, I bought Mark of the Ninja on xbox live arcade, Day of release and wanted to say how great I think that game is, The art style is awesome and I love how you can pretty much go though the entire game without killing anyone and ninja past those few guards that are in your way with the smoke bombs, Just using distraction tools is my favourite way of playing this game, This is a true stealth game. I also like the reference to Thief in the achievements. I have only just joined these forums, so forgive me if this question has been answered. Will we see a Mark of the Ninja 2? I would love to see another Ninja game, Its just way too cool not to make another one.


Also Klei, You guys are great developers, Don't Starve and Shank are excellent games, and I wish you guys more success in the future from your future titles.

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