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So! I have a custom character I'm working on, and part of their theme is flowers and garlands. I already made a custom garland that looks great in-game as you can see on my Sufferer mod:




It perishes more slowly than a normal garland (med * 1.5) and has a higher dapperness (med). However, I feel like having the character start out with it might be overpowered (and anyway I'm planning a separate starting item)! So I want to make it a craftable item, and I'm unsure as to what recipe I want to use for it - what would be appropriate for the added bonuses it has over the usual flower hat.


Currently I'm thinking 15 petals + 1 gold or 15 petals + 2 silk, but I'd love comments/suggestions.


I'm also planning a flower crown that negatively impacts sanity (with evil flowers in the recipe) and possibly more! So any suggestions for interesting flower crown effects you'd like to see can go here too.

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Actually another effect I wanted for the character was a chance to spawn a flower near him (or an evil flower if his hunger is below a certain amount, putting him in a 'bad mood'), so something like spawning bees when wearing a specific garland might work on the same principle (even if it doesn't really fit with what i want for him). The problem is I don't actually know how one would go about doing it in code.

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