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Mod Help: Fear of Pigs and Other Things

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Hi, I just started modding and made my first character, a fine chap by the name of Lieutenant Matthew Vickers. However, now that I'm trying to add his unique properties I've run into quite a few pickles. I'm completely new to lua, although I've got a basic grasp now of how certain properties interact with one another.


First, I wanted to make him afraid of pigmen and bunnymen (but not normal bunnies, he's okay with those). I've tried looking at Wolfgang's code, as he's already afraid of the dark and monsters, but from what I can gather it only modifies the inherent values of darkness and sanity draining auras. Thus, I have no idea where to go from there.


Second, I wanted to give him a revolver. I know Mr. Tiddles was able to give his William J. Dannighar a flintlock pistol, but frankly, I don't understand how to replicate it, never mind modify it. I wanted the revolver to work like the mining hat; a permanent item that needs to be periodically 'refueled', but I could only gather how it continuously drains charge when equipped and not on 'use' as it were.


Third and finally, I wanted to give him a follower that provides a sanity aura for him and acts as additional inventory space ala chester. I know I need to make a 'brain' script to give it a routine to follow, but otherwise I have no idea what to do here.


Any help on any of these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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