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Mod Help Please

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Im not sure how to get the custom speech to work. I copied "speech_wilson" then editted the lines I wanted and renamed it and moved it to ">custom mod>scripts>speech_spk." Then added:


local require = GLOBAL.require

GLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTERS.spk = require "speech_spk"
...to the modmain.lua. Ive looked at other mods to figure it out. When I start the game the dialogue doesnt change. "It's all piney" is what appears when examining a tree even though I changed it...

I've been using this as a base for my custom char. > http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/272-dana/

I have also tried to rename the hat that comes with Dana's mod and in-game it appears as MISSING NAME. I literally copied the "cutehat" from her mod and changed the name "cutehat" in all the files and changed:


...In the modmain.lua. 
Ive been doing alright so far but now Im stuck. Can I get some help?


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I haven't updated that for a long time, since it had sort of been a "do a little work on it now and then, between other things" project... so I'm not sure at what point the uploaded version is... I may have screwed something up that I later fixed and never bothered to upload.


Are you following my Character/Item tutorial?


I do remember having issues getting the custom speech to work while using the mod template.

If I recall, the problem I had was that there is some code that affects those strings in the default template.

-- You can also add any kind of custom dialogue that you would like. Don't forget to make-- categores that don't exist yet using = {}-- note: these are UPPER-CASE charcacter name--STRINGS.CHARACTERS.TDA = {}--STRINGS.CHARACTERS.TDA.DESCRIBE = {}--STRINGS.CHARACTERS.TDA.DESCRIBE.EVERGREEN = "A template description of a tree."

This is how it is currently, in my file, commented out. But if you don't comment out or delete these lines, they apparently interfere.


Check your character prefab for those lines.

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i FIGURED IT OUT, WOO!. I got Maxwells custom intro dialogue working and the map icon. The character is working and the custom name/title and all that works. And now the hat/dialogue works...The problem was that "GLOBAL.STRINGS.NAMES.crnspk" <.crnspk should be .CRNSPK...Must capitalize! (the lines you specified must be removed as well):


local require = GLOBAL.require


I plan on creating a custom character and hat and hopefully a follower like "Wulfe" ...I've never done textures though...that will be the bane of my existence.
Thank you for your help. I've been using your tutorial & ShinyCrobat's tutorial.


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