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Custom character: Wage

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Well, i just finished Eragon books and i now have an idea for a character, but i'm not good att programming so ill try to explain here with a little little hope of seeing my project realized.


Name: Wage

The Drainer

"Give me your energy!"

Starts with a fire wand, Scepter of Life Draining and Mage's bottle.(see below)

- Can't heal

- Can drain life from ANY living creature (also from plants, but less)

- Uses health for recharging Sanity and Hunger.


Scepter of life draining:

Powerful as a tentacle spot, gives 10% in health of damage. can destroy vegetables for heal (1hp at hit)


Mage's bottle: Craftable (magic bar,with 3 Silk, a Rope and 10 Refined Stone)

Use on carrots (destroy it, ONLY WHEN NATURAL SPANWED) or on Berry bush (only with berries one, consumes them and turn it into unfertilized ones) gives Green Lymph.

Use on Flowers (any type) Gives Blue Juice.


Green Lymph analyzed: The essence of food!

When drunk: -50 Health, Full Hunger.


Blue Juice analyzed: Flower essence!

When drunk: -50 Health, Full sanity.


What do u think of him?

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