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[Character Concept] Scarecrow/Human (In Depth)

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So, I've not played heaps of Don't Starve, But I have tried out a lot of custom characters and all the characters I've unlocked (Up to Woodie). So I feel I have the game knowledge to create a balanced, interesting and fun character. Because that's what I like to do. unfortunately I lack the time it would take to actually make it a reality. So here is the next best thing. The concept.


If you're a modder and are interested in creating this character, then by all means go for it, That's the idea of posting it here.



Lore. (long winded, but I wanted a story for sanity purposes)


"NO I SAID!" shouted Matron Jones as she snatched the sticks and old tattered cloths from Kims hands.

"After you three brats are gone I can sell this festering shack and retire, I don't need some stinking bag of seeds and sticks standing around cluttering up the place!" she muttered further as she slammed the door.


Although unknown the Matron. That very sundown Donny and Maybel with silence and hastiness, Left the orphanage to gather up all matter of sticks, grass, leaves and seeds they could find to fill their new creation. All the while Kim, mouse-like, sneaked into the Matrons room to take a old faded red dress and some yarn and linen, then left, leaving the room seemingly undisturbed.

Later that night they met up in the grass field with the old tree over the hill, not far from the house. and together with love and care, created a wonderful scarecrow, planted her in the soil and quietly went off to bed.


Months went by, and every day after class be it in rain, wind or shine, without fail, the children would visit the scarecrow to play.

Although never announced or questioned, the children all had the feeling that the scarecrow was never in the same location it was left the day before.

Time passed each day the same. but on one wet and dreary day, the children didn't visit the scarecrow, Instead, A single black crow landed by the scarecrow, hopping around and eventually nesting in the old tree in the center of the field.

The next day the children returned, unplayful and depressed. "Maybel is gone" muttered Donny to the scarecrow. the rest of that week it was raining, the scarecrow didn't seem to move and the silence was only ever broken by the sound of the crows caw. Weeks past and the feeling was never the same, the enjoyment was gone. but the children never missed a day to visit their creation.

Until, months later. on another rainy day, no children showed up to visit again. And just as the time before, A black crow showed up and nested in the tree, This one seemed much more light footed than the other bird.

The day after, the creation was left alone. But the birds stayed, and seemed to jump around the scarecrow and caw, as if they where laughing, and playing.

And again, not long after the second crow joined, a third, larger darker crow showed up out of the wind and rain. and at that very moment, the weather changed, and the birds flew around cawed and hopped.

It felt as if the enjoyment was back at last.


With the children gone, and the manor quiet and tidy, Matron Jones set to sell and retire. With the property on the market, years past with little inspection and no potential buyers for the property.


The Matron quickly spiraled into insanity and depression, she would often wonder the house and surrounding property, muttering hate filled curses at anything she would come across. Until, She eventually encroached upon the grass field with the old tree. the birds went silent as The Matrons gaze shifted towards the scarecrow.

At that moment, all the anger, sorrow and hate The Matron had against the world was directed at the childrens creation. She maniacally ran inside and grabbed a box of matches, then hastily returned to the field.

But to her surprise, there was no scarecrow in sight , no crows, nothing.

Her anger was palpable, She vowed to find the creation and burn it to ashes. "What better place to start but here?" she thought to herself snickering, as she lit a match and tossed it by the tree.

The tree quickly combusted, and the grass all around fell to flame, as it spread like a nova.


That night as Matron Jones was sleeping, As it rained it drown the flame leaving the old tree burned, but still sturdy.

The same night The Matron awoke to the crows caw, she shot out of bed, snatched the matches from her side table and dashed out to the old burned tree.

And there stood the childrens creation, holding a rope.

Jones walked slowly towards it, shouting "YOU WHERE NEVER MEANT TO BE, BY FIRE BE PURGED!" as she drew and lit a match, but just before it sparked, the three crows swooped down from the tree, and violently pecked The Matron into unconsciousness.


Days later a young couple inspecting the house and land walked over the small hill behind the house and saw Matron Jones, hanging lifeless from the old burned tree. as the couple left, The police arrived and came to find a old burned tree with a scarecrow under it standing beside a tombstone inscribed

"Matron Jones" "With death, comes animation".





This character is heavy on sanity control, and has many perks and disadvantages depending on sanity level.

Below 130 sanity you show your human side.



Basic Stats.



Health - 60 (100 max)

Sanity - 230

Hunger - 100



Health - 120 (160 max)

Sanity - 230

Hunger - 100





Scarecrow only pros.

- Faster base run speed.

- Can withstand the cold.

- Slow hunger loss.

- No sanity loss at night.

- Increased grass / twig gather speed.

- Rope heals (long use time)

- Increased (yellow brick) road run speed.


Scarecrow only cons.

- Very heavy damage from fire.

- Sanity loss from standing near fire (Fire Pit/Torch included).

- Weaker hits.

- Slow in the rain (umbrella negates).

- Slower tree gather speed.

- Slowed in armor.


Human only pros.

- Faster tree gather speed.

- Harder hits.

- Reduced fire damage.

- More health.


Human only cons.

- Slower grass / twig gather speed.

- Sanity loss at night.

- Fast hunger loss.

- Slower base run speed.

- Takes heavy cold damage.

- No run speed loss or boost from that which effects the scarecrow.


Shared pros/cons.

- Sanity loss in rain.

- Eats grass and twigs (+10 Sanity)

- All food damages sanity (-10)

- Sanity gain in Grass Suit.

- Sanity gain from standing on savanna turf and near grass tufts (when near both it cancels out fire).

- Permanent health gain from using Gord's Knot (+20, Max +40).


Starting items.


The Matrons Noose

Damage - 51

Effects - Sanity loss

On hit -  Small sanity loss, small health Gain

Durability - Infinite


(1) Donny, Maybel and Kim.

Cannot murder

Cannot release

Acts as birds

Start with a backpack


(2) Donny, Maybel and Kim in a bag.

+8 inventory slots

Sanity gain



Character Model.



Tattered, faded red dress.

Grass Poking out of her joints/torso.

A hairstyle similar to Willow, but think more grass.



Tattered, faded red dress.

Shaggy-ish hair.

Insane grumpy ol' lady


Character dialogue.


Fairly obvious things after reading the story / the perks.

Grass - You complete me.

Gravestone - With death, comes animation.

Birds - Want to play with us?

Alchemy engine - If I only had a brain. . .

ect. . .



:wilson_smile: Thanks for reading. :wilson_smile:

I'm interested to hear what you think, or if there is any additional ideas you may have.

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