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 The noise came from nowhere one day, barely noticeable except in complete silence, the only things being affected by it were the rabbits and birds, who quickly moved to rocky turf the moment it started, abandoning any of their eggs or young. It got louder every progressing day, eventually sounding like the ringing in someones ear, at this point it affected the beefaloe, who went onto the rocky land and wiped out the tallbirds. 


 Wilson tried to dismiss it as some sort of insect's chirps or some attempt by the man who trapped him here to disturb him. He continued on his daily routines, constantly humming slightly louder than the noise to block it out. When it grew louder than he could hum he started to sing aloud, he also noticed the local pigs were acting odd also, they looked as if they haven't eaten in weeks and were forcibly feeding the Pig King anything soft and chewable to the point they were stuffing tufts of grass in his mouth. This disturbed Wilson to the point he simply went back to him camp, only to find several rampaging depth worms entirely above ground, desperately trying to get up into the large tree outside of Wilson's camp, screeching in pain any time part of them was touching the ground.


 Eventually the noise became so loud Wilson couldn't hear anything other than it, except at night when it would go down just a little to the point he could just barely hear something moving quickly back and forth in the darkness, occasionally murmuring something in Wilson's ear which he couldn't understand. When the noise grew as loud as several people screaming Wilson tried to make earplugs made of beeswax from the abandoned hives of the bees. They did nothing. Wilson tried to get some sleep but the noise kept him up, he went in the middle of the night to the pig village, he didn't know why, he just felt like it was necessary to see what was going on there.


The pigs were dead, nothing more than starved corpses, he went to the pig king, except he wasn't there, in his place was a cube made from the same material as the obelisks. When he tried shining light inside it only made the noise louder to an unbearable level and without thinking, Wilson took a thin piece of flint and deafened himself quickly and painlessly. The Noise stopped, but the source of the noise slowly started to reveal itself, only in the corners of his eyes at first, until it would walk into the light of his fire, sit down, and stare directly at him.

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