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DSA Chapter 2

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Don't Starve Adventures: Chapter 2 Who uses holes?

***Note the following is an alternate story of Don't Starve with different character back stories and different themes***


Where did we leave off? Oh right our troubled friend Wilson. Oh bother we have work to do. C'mon 

Wilson wake up! WILSON! WILSON! Good, now we can continue with our story. Shall we? Wilson woke up to the call of his name a booming narrator type voice. He was confused no idea where he was. Then all at once it came flooding back. The radio, the mountains, the cabin, the rift. Then there was an almost old fashioned eccentric type music. Then in-front of him stood a man in a suit. This man seemed to almost rise from the ground.  He spoke and Maxwell recognized the voice " Say, pal you don't look so good" Maxwell tried to yell but instead came out the same old fashioned music. "You'd better find some food before night comes." Wilson was absolutely and utterly unimpressed and to be frank quite appalled that this friend betrayed him. Still Wilson had that urge in his mind the compelling sense to do things and what things to do. He knew exactly what to do yet he didn't. It was almost as if he just had to let go and let this other Wilson do the job for him. He went on collecting grass sticks and even managed to fashion an axe and a pick. He cut some logs for a fire and built a roll to sleep the night. The next day he woke up to find a set of holes about 25 of them scattered about this savanna. He wondered what animal they belonged to. He watched for about 3 hours carefully inspecting each and every hole.


Wilson finally exhausted gave up on the whole idea of capturing what ever lived in these holes. He 

moved on. He built a few traps and baited them with assorted vegetables just in case he got lucky. Then he realized he needed to make more advanced things in this new place. Such as walls he had no idea what creatures could be out there and wanted as much protection as possible. He was about to build a shovel to dig down and start a quarry of sorts but some sort of thing was holding him back. He felt like he needed more knowledge to build a shovel properly. No, surely not he could just attach some flint to some twigs with rope and tada. Still, something held him back every time he committed to it he either felt too lazy or lost the will to do it. He finally resigned to mine what ever rocks he came past. After another 3 hours of long boring story that for some reason is not here <insert lost text here> he stumbled upon a row of teeth just sticking out of the ground surrounding a deep hole. He tried to remove a tooth and fell in the hole. 


"That wasn't a very sane thing to do" Wilson uttered on the other side of the portal or whatever it 

was. He stumbled upon his first above ground rock! He quickly started to mine it. Sharp shards flew everywhere cutting and damaging Wilson in several places. He was hurt and decided that if me stood on top of the rock and mined on either side he would be more safe. Wilson knew that he couldn't refine small bits of powder into anything until he atleast had modern technology. So Wilson hopped off the rock and measured it. Then he also measured the size and integrity. He decided the best way to mine it was by hitting it where the cracks were on the side effectively breaking it into small pieces instead of powder. Perfect hit! He hit it in just the right spot and the whole thing fell to bits. Unfortunately for poor Wilson this appeared to be some sort of a rock that covered the entrance into a cave. He fell about 20 feet. Wilson woke up in an alarming amount of pain but was surprised to find he had no broken limbs. He found a bowl with a masher in it. It was a poultice. His father went to Utah once and had been lost in the wilderness and cut his leg. In turn getting a very nasty infection he has hallucinations and passed out quite frequently because of this wound. He finally managed to make it to an Native American encampment and they brought him to the medicine man. The man lit a fire making much smoke. It was scented and smelled like pine according to Wilson's father. The man sent a young boy who has nude except for a small fur cloth of sorts covering his privates. The boy returned with a bowl and a stick (described to Wilson as a masher) and assorted plants. The man bowled the plants and then dried them. Put them in the bowl with some crushed flowers and mashed them into a thick goop witch was then lathered onto his wound. They covered it with leaves and then put on ember from a burnt out torch on it. Within days his wound felt better. Wilson did the same thing he applied the poultice to the wounds and to his surprise felt better instantly. 


Who left this medicine? Wilson was very curious. And not to mention afraid. It was soo dark and 

eerie. Then he heard a loud scuttling and then a dripping. Wilson was freaked there appeared to be no exit or any means of food in sight. Then someone put a cloth around Wilson's mouth and bashed him on the top of the head. He fainted. Wilson really needed to learn some life skills. Perhaps be more friendly. No one ever read his tweets on twitter and this was why. The narrator has no opinion though an this information isn't biased when I say- sorry not I the narrator says "Wilson was a little ****." Wait who is telling this story? Hello? I right the story here! You do? Well it says here that I do. You don't fool me with that your just ruffling up a paper to pretend your reading it. Well I'd never how dare you accuse me of such acts I have never been submitted to such slander. So now you are the innocent one? Are you accusing me of murder here? Yes, I know what you did back in Bangladesh. Well lets not let that story get out *pulls out gun (pulling out gun get shot in the stomach) (close up of his horrified face and then mmm watcha say starts playing) (shoots other) (mmm watch say starts playing again). Following the death of both of our narrators I shall now be continuing the story- (gets shot).



So tune in next time for even more boring crap brought to you by me. This pathetic son of a gun that is me :D. So like this or you are literally worse than Hitler :D. Oh and if you don't get that reference here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHh-G8kXDW4 And the literally worst than Hitler thing is also a reference to the yogscast live streams so pleas don't kill me and hang me by my toes because that wouldn't be overly amazing and tune in for the next installment of DSA Chapter 3: Willow

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Sorry for this I was tired and probably suffering some sort of mental state of mind where common sense leaves the body and is replaced with an evil turtle that burrows into your brain and takes control of it.  This condition is commonly referred to as being absolutely insane.  If you want the scientific name look no further because here it is: The Person typing this comment is a dingus

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