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I have a idea for mod and I would like youre opinion.When people play dont strave and start building walls they want to protect themselves from creatures outside.Closing youreself will make mobs attack wall if they cant find route to you.They destroy walls and puff youre in trouble.But what if we could make certan walls not destroyable by some creatures.Example:hound can destroy wooden walls hay walls but note stone walls and thulecite wall,spiders can only destroy hay walls.Spider queen,treeguard or other strong creatures can destroy all walls.Doors would be really nice in dont strave but real doors (not open close wall althought that is best kinda door mod out there).They would use space like two wall segments and would have depending of what type of door more or less health.Door can be destroyed by any monster.They can be opened and closed.When opened creatures can freely enter but when closed they cant enter.Creatures who try to break door would hit it serveral times and if door dont break they would find another target.Again boss creatures can easily destroy doors and walls depending what route is faster.

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