[W] Don't Starve


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You should be able to afford it, if you really wanted it so bad you would've offered something. Have you ever ordered pizza? $2.50 for the delivery, then you have to tip the driver. It costs more for a pizza to be delivered, than it costs for 2 don't starves. Surely you have something in your inventory? No offense but someone who offers a quarter would sound like they want it more.

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How much do you tip your drivers!? I hate ordering pizza and not picking it up cause it is costly...

That bing said one people don't have access to money (or rather they don't have a credit/debit card/PayPal). I know sometimes I have no money for things, but I try to trade.. So, if you have spare games to trade.. A lot of people here want don't starve :(

Maybe test your luck at steamgifts! (to win that is, not ask for free on the forms there) good luck finding a copy

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