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Biome Ideas


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I'm interested in making a mod to add more biomes and sub-biomes to the surface world. Maybe that won't pan out, I only have about a month to work on it, but even if it doesn't I figure maybe our friends at Klei will consider adding some of this stuff? I couldn't decide whether to put it in Modding or Suggestions, so I decided to kind of split the difference and put it here because this seems like kind of the busiest forum. I hope that's okay--if not, I guess I'll ask a mod to move it!


Remember, this thread is for surface biome ideas. I think the Caves and Ruins have plenty of stuff, and underwater/highland/dreamworld/cloudland exploration is another set of ideas for another set of threads, okay?




Hound Country - Like that one island in Archipelago, this land has the default turf and is covered in bones, Hounds, and Hound Mounds, with some boulders.


Tallbird Cliffs - This is just the Tallbird Fort except made larger and less rare.


Beach - New Sandy turf, generates around the Ocean. Maybe also generates Ponds that don't spawn frogs? Crabs live here; they drop morsels and/or bits of crab shell that can be crafted into a helmet. Maybe occasional snurtles and slurtles and slurtle mounds. Use a shovel to dig up clams from little holes in the ground that squirt water in the air as you approach.


Wormhole Colony - Grassy turf and a lot of wormholes. Maybe some with hidden entrances on the other end, so they can only be used one-way? I dunno.


Desert - New Sandy turf. Jackalopes, occasional Hound Mounds? Snakes? Armadillos? I dunno.

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I'd also love to see new creature ideas, like hotflungwok posted in the DLC ideas thread?


I wanna see more portmanteaus.  We've already got Merms, Pigmen, Bunnymen, Koalaphants, Snurtles, Pengulls, um... do Rock Lobsters count?


Squizard?  Squid + Lizard

Allamagator?  Llama + Alligator

Hammerhead Giraffe?  Shark + Giraffe

Owlocerous?  Owl+ Rhinocerous

Chimpmoose?  Chipmunk + Goose


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