Need an artist for structures


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I need an artist to help me convert these crudely drawn pictures of a structure I'm developing into something that's not an eyesore.



Blast Furnaces

  • The chimney structure should be a stone texture or stone like in appearance. 
  • The box could be of two styles: dirty stone or rusted metal
  • The bottom of the furnace is dirty.
  • Soot should look like it's falling out of the door

No Fuel


Low Fuel


High Fuel


Chemistry Station - rough sketch needed

  • One large flask
  • 3 smaller test tubes
  • Bunsen burner that looks like a torch instead


Distillation Station - rough sketch needed

  • two tubs
  • 1st tub is covered up, with a tube spiraling out of it, leading to the second tub
  • 2nd tub is empty, with the tube leading into it


Electrolysis Station - rough sketch needed

  • details needed


Making a chemistry mod sort of crossed over with a new way to obtain materials

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