Lots if issues on Linux (sound, graphics, crashes)


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I bought MotN a few days ago from the Steam Store. After installing the game, I could clearly see that I had lots of annoying issues.



The first issue i detected, was that there were absolutely no sound at all. I've tried to search on how to fix this, but I can't find any solution.


Next, when I began to configure my settings, I found out that I could not adjust the gamma.


I tried to play the game anyway, but it sucked to play without any sound. When I started the game, I could just see for about 1 second of the first cutscene and then the game would crash. Everytime I tried to start a new game, the game crashed. Some time later I found out that I could change the game to windowed mode, start the game and watch the cutscene, and then change back to fullscreen again. And it actually seemed to work. I don't know if the problem will occour later, because I have not ran into any kind of cutscene later.


I did manage to play the game for some time. I worked my way ultil i got the 'focus time' abillity. When I held down the 'L CTRL' button, I got an issue with the graphics. At the 'throw dart here'-icon, there were many white spinning sqares stacked upon each other with small yellow sqares in the corners. And the most annoying thing, was that they were flickering all the time.



I've tried to look for sulutions on every single issue, but of no luck. I've also tried to verify integrity cache, reinstalling and so on.


My specs:

• AMD FX-6300 6 core

• AMD Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-x

• 8 GB RAM


Using Linux Mint Cinnamon to run the game in 1920x1080 - 16:9.




If you have any sulotion(s), please let me know.


(BTW; I apologize for any bad english.)


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