What's up with the HUD?

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LOVE the artstyle!

The HUD? Not so much...

I found it very difficult to use any of the in game menus. To be able to see what the bottom menu icons were, I had to turn on auto-hide for my taskbar (which I hate). I could see the menu fine after that, but still very hard to select anything, because the taskbar kept popping up again.

The left navigation bar is too close to the left hand side. It looks like the left side of the icons are actually slightly cut off. This wouldn't be completely terrible, except the popup text appear to be centered on the icons, so half of it is cut off as well.

Lot of potential.

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In settings you can turn the game to fullscreen which will stop it from going over your task bar. Or you can drag/resize the window border to make it a little smaller so it doesn't go under the taskbar.

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