Suggestion: Emergent Endgame Challange

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Hey there I love this game. It's better than anything Sierra Online lever made. I had some thoughts on the end game.

My biggest issue with this game is the way the it starts out survivable and only gets easier. I would like to see the world push back a little.

1) Beefalo should eat grass as well as migrate / spawn around large concentrations of grass. Grassy Armor+Bunny farms for free

2) Bunnies should eat unharvested crops. If you abandon your fields for days you should come home to nothing. Also farming large tracts of land should plunge you into unending war with rabbitkind

3) Similarly leaving bunnies in traps for days at a time should call in the hounds

4) Make Gobblers more of a threat. When they spawn, they shout to all bushes in a radius and roll to see if there is another spawn there.

The theme here is using exponentially raising costs to impose soft caps on huge sources of calories.

I'd like to see people daily routines disrupted.

1) Make roads periodically expensive to use. Rock Guardians patrolling roads. Bird Swarms. Sphinxes. Phantom toll booths, anything to force players to consider a different route or destination.

2) Make resources on an island off limits. Hound pack could run rabbits to round, Tree Guardians could have ent moots, a murder of crows could camp twigs.

The idea here is to do anything to change up opportunity cost

Make chests a little less safe

1) Add raccoon. Raccoon spawn when you cut a tree. They follow you, but at a good distance. When you lead them back to base they make a break for you chests and steal food. Like gobblers/bushes, the more chests you have the harder it should be to defend them all. Ideally I'd like to see raccoon take a stack of food back to the forest before they start eating it. That way you have to make the split second choice of chasing it into the forest with whatever you have on hand that moment at whatever time it is, or loose you stack. They would also raise the question of where or not going back to base

2) Python that spend days eating your chests whole. They would target chests with the best total hunger value inside. The chest would be ruined, but the materials would be recoverable if you killed the snake. The food would get digested at some rate.

The idea here is to at a scaling cost to maintaining large numbers of chests, as well as large stacks.

Keep players on the move

The idea here is that it's pretty easy to stay at your home base forever. Map completion is the only real incentive to leave. I'd like to see some challenges that take a couple days to complete, especially if players had to commit to pursuing the challenge with the supplies on hand.

1) Spend all night in different grave yards on consecutive nights.

2) Fetch quests for the pig king to help them throw a party. (Time limited, and larger requirements that are likely to be stock piled)

3) Chain kill tentacles for 24 hours to get swamp camo suit.

The idea here is make the player think "Do I have the resources to do X"

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