Long List of Suggestions from my Experience

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[*]-Companion that fights and you can give them weapons/armour/tools. Not like the pigs which last a day. One which is rare and hard to find but stays with you until he dies. Non-human, something like the mandrake would be awesome.

I would love companions i'm starting to feel lonely T.T chester is ok but i see him more like a trunk and is really annoying (never stop panting)

Utility ones like a black skinny kitty that random catch a nearby bird or a bat that can help you catch fireflies or pick up nearby berries would be awesome (lazy spam click here XD)

Combat companions like krimbo says would be nice too, i would not mind having a scorpion who can poison and slow down enemies ^.^

Edit. After cutting down many trees (again dont like spam) having a pet to help you pick up would be nice(woodpecker could even cut the trees? XD joking) or pick all up with an area of effect.

Offtopic. shift ,alt or control left click on a item to open a small window and select the exact number to move or pick is a must, im still noob so if this is already there sorry.

ooh one more ^.^ did wilderness survival of warcraft 3 was part of your inspiration for this game?

bees in the inventory are also annoying.

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