I have x6 Dota 2, Payday The Heist, Portal 1 and RomeTotalWar. I want Don't Starve!


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4 of the Dota 2 copies are steam giftables and 2 are key codes..

The Payday The Heist is a keycode as well.

Rome Total Ware and Portal are steam giftables

I got the Dota 2 and Payday codes from PC Gamer for the November Issue and the 4 giftables from a friend..

I got Rome Total War and Portal by trading it with 1 of the Payday Heist codes that I got.

Please add me on steam: bishopluc

Facebook: facebook.com/luc.acallar

I can give 2 of those (e.g. 1 dota 2 + 1 payday heist or 2 dota 2 keys or 1 portal + 1 Dota Keys.)

Edited by Lucasito
One Payday Heist traded for Rome total war and portal
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