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A Don't Starve Tale

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Chapter One: The Mind Of A LunaticDamn them. Damn them to hell! Whoever they are! It’s not fair! I was respected and happy. Now what am I? Trapped in this godforsaken throne, listening over and over to this stupid song. Well. No more. They gave me abilities and it’s time to use them to my advantage. The seven I’ve drawn in should free me from this curse. I may be god, I may have created every plant and animal but I’m tired of this cursed existence. It’s time to break free. The scientist, hah! Fool! So smart but yet so stupid. Still. I admire the search for knowledge in a man. I hold out the most hope for him. The pyromaniac is another matter. Young and headstrong, a useful ally for the other six. Then the circus performers. One strong, and one so, so feeble. They didn’t even know that they were sacrificing themselves to this unreal reality. The girl, the one I feel the most guilty about. So young and fragile. Hopefully her sister will protect her. The librarian I’m sure will be invaluable. Her cleverness is extraordinary, but she’s not practical, that’s why the I snared the lumberjack. If only I could deal with the curse though, the others may slay him. But nonetheless these six will free me. I’m sure of it.If anybody likes it I'll write some more!

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