Alchemy Lab, Workbench

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I suppose the title tells you pretty clearly what I'm thinking about.. but just let me explain in short, and if someone's interested, I'll add details.

I think this world we're in is not the same as our Mother earth, so it should be different. To that end I'd like to propose introducing a variety of exotic materials: plants, metals, others. Make them strange, make them different.. make an ooze puddle that once heated up, hardens so much you can use it for tools. Make plants that explode when they come in contact with coal. Etc. Why?

Because it would be awesome to have an alchemy lab to experiment with combining all these things to produce new alloys and materials... Wouldn't it be fun to make a glow-in-the-dark armor with crushed fireflies, and some weird moss that grew on the behind of some giant monster? That's what the workbench would be for. And the workbench could work as a minigame... I saw that in this game, and I loved it so much xD

There was this MMORPG called: Allods Online. There, every single time you crafted something, be it a piece of armor, or a potion, you had a puzzle or a minigame. It was really refreshing. How well you did (also modified by luck) influenced the quality of your product greatly. So yeah, those would be the two things I'd love to see here: Alchemy lab, and a minigame workbench.

Before you flame me, I DID actually skim titles of the threads. I got as far as 4th page. Progress!

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