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The story behind each of the characters found in dreams.


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If your wondering, you can enter the dreamworld by cooking a mandrake at night.

Fragments of the old world: Perhaps there should be tiny bits of buildings and cities, maybe even monuments, and you can slowly piece together what happened to each character in the dream, but you should also be able to pursue the backstories of other people that you cant play, maybe once you discover the story of everyone you can begin looking into Maxwell, the mysterious person who put you here and how you may defeat him.

Wilson: You find his old laboratory and upon further exploration of it you find evidence of the terrible things he did in the name of science <Details could be found in a log he has of his experiments, feel free to add extremely creepy pictures, maybe one of them was him making a creature that hides in the dark, is immortal, is invisible and kills people hiding in the dark to kill all of the poor population.

Willow: You slowly find burnt bits of wood scattered around until you eventually find this giant burnt down city with a little teddy bear. Upon exploration of the city you find this was her home where she lived with her family and she burnt down the entire city killing everyone. <--This could be done by peiceing together a burnt newspaper.

Wendy: She murdered her twin sister, One of the clues leading up to this is you finding her twin sister's grave (Abigail?) and when you dig the grave up you find evidence on her body that she was brutally murdered, and you can now find her house with a few other minor hints and clues. So when you get to her house, its a brutal murder scene, either her entire family is dead or just her sister, maybe there's police ropes and stuff. But anyways, Abigail will come out and explain what you did.

Wolfgang: He was a brutal wrestler that would often brutally injure people, he also killed his wife. you can find out how brutal of a wrestler he was by peiceing together a newspaper found in one of the shattered cities, but finding out he killed his wife should be difficult. To find out about his wife, you must first find out about how brutal he was in the wrestling ring, and you may find this wrestling Matt with a picture of his wife on it. When you get this it will be with some clues to the location of where he murdered his wife <-- maybe back stage. Anyways, he strangled his wife because his wife wasn't beautiful or something like that. But he could of also made a deal with maxwell to become stronger.

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Maybe then instead of think Maxwell is evil, maybe he is a good person whom has put all the people in the Don't Starve world into an asylum of the mind. Where everything they did bad comes to haunt them and they must re-live the bad things they have done until the end of time (or maybe your way until they put an end to Maxwell)!

Very interesting, thanks Nickdy for the information!

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