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This game looks awesome.


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Hey everyone! I am new to the community here but I just wanted to let the developers know how great this game looks. I really enjoy the art style and direction you guys are taking on the new and uprising survival genre. I've not played the game yet because I'm moving irl and have to save every penny but I promise to play it Soon as I can. I've watched quite a few videos. I also wanted to inform everyone that I've decided to add the game to my website watchsurvival.blogspot.com which is all about survival video gaming I've also included a link to the game on steam and to the official blog on my website as well. I'm also posting to make sure this is ok with the developers. If there is a problem I'll remove the game from my website as Soon as contacted. Thanks and keep up the great work! Looking forward to updates for the game and seeing how this game develops.

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