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The Most Beautiful Artwork EVER. And there's NO WAY that's a lie.

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So I'm nervous about putting any of my drawings here, you know, because I'm not an artist and the whole not being able to draw thing. But I figure there's no way to get better than to open oneself to the harsh criticisms of the internet. And practice. But being a person of great courage and not the scared little chicken baby my acquaintances, friends, and family are certain that I am I have decided to share my rookie drawing skills with the world and the two and half people I'm sure who will even bother to look at my humble thread. Maybe six depending on how easily people are lead on by false advertising.


I can’t color worth a fig…And despite the feeling of SHAME. COMPLETE UNDULTERATED SHAME. I decided I’d show off my absolutely amazing coloring skills. I mean awful, not amazing. Incidentally, Seattle's predicated yearly precipitation is about 94 centimeters.


After taking a moment to contemplate everything I've done with my life, I've decided that I am, in fact, the scared little chicken baby that my acquaintances, friends, and family are certain that I am. That said. I must never show anyone the horrible attempt at coloring that I did so here's a picture of a giraffe and some lovely scenery for your viewing pleasure and below you can see the uncolored, boring outline of the same image above that I'm not (completely) ashamed of showing.



A work in progress and an original character that I started working on. It ain’t done, hence me saying it’s a work in progress, but there’s a slim (large) chance I’ll never actually finish it so enjoy this probably never going to be finished picture.

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