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I have played several hours worth since I bought the Steam version of the game and just wanted to make a few comments.

First of all I enjoy the game and think it's a great idea, fun to play and interesting to push how far I can make it.

1: I would recommend separating the bar on the bottom of the screen from the inventory. I think that the bar should be only populated by some items by default, and that the rest should go into a separate inventory screen, to be put on the bar only if the user opens the inventory and drags them or somehow selects them. Some should automatically populate the action bar such as the tools needed for work, but many things don't need to be there. I think that this would be an improvement to the current system personally but there may well be reasons i haven't thought of that make this impractical or a bad way to do it...

2:I also would like to have the ability to bind a key or button to a slot on the bar, it's possible this is in the game already and I haven't found it yet, but given that there is so little time to work with each day it would save a couple second every time I had to switch tools to do a new job, and I can't think of any reason why this shouldn't be possible.

3: On the subject of time, I would like to know more about how the current allotment for day/night was decided at by the developers, and why there is no dawn section like there is a dusk. Personally there is never enough time in the day so if putting that in I think it should be taken out of the time set for night, not day. I think the length of day is ideal for the game as it is not quite as long as you would want it to be, forcing you to be decisive about how to spend your time and always wishing there was more, which I feel is essential to the game. Also Dusk should not be shortened as any shorter and the player may simply immediately drop a sleeping bag or start a fire, not try to push the time to the limit.

Anyway thanks for the game and I look forward to future updates with new recipes, and will give more feedback if I find any bugs or feel any other things could be improved.

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