Looking for don't starve key [chrome or steam, preferably chrome!]


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I'd like two keys, but at least one. (I would like a chrome key so I can play on chrome, rather than have to use steam, and another for my boyfriend!) I have a bunch of keys for games on steam (steam redeemable of course)

Warlock: Master of Arcane

Majesty 2 Complete Collection

Majesty Gold (complete) HD

Supreme Commander 2

Cortex Command



Titan Attacks

Revenge of the Titans

Beat Hazard

Kung Fu Strike

Xotic +All dlc

Avadon: The Black Fortress

Swords & Soldiers HD


Zen Bound 2

I also have Nation Red steam gift, as well as dota 2.

I also have a key for desura for NEO Scavenger (awesome game imo, in a post apocalyptic world. It's not on steam yet but I am confident it will be when it's more complete; it's in beta I believe).

If any interest you, just let me know. I'm sure we can work out a deal :)

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